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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Puerto Limón, Costa Rica

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Limón, also known as Puerto Limón, is the capital of Limón Province in Costa
Rica. It is the country's main Caribbean port city, including the terminals
of Limón and Moín, and has a population of around 105,000 (including many
neighboring small cities). The city and the province in general are home to
most of Costa Rica's citizens of African descent. Originally from Jamaica,
these workers were brought to the area in the late 19th century to build the
railroad line from San José to Limón. The rail line boosted the country's
banana exports and economy in general. By the time the line was closed, the
city was the country's primary harbor. Limón is also home to speakers of
Mekatelyu, a creole of English.


Limón is famous in Costa Rica for its yearly fall festival, which occurs the
week of October 12, the date Columbus first weighed anchor off Limón's coast
in 1502, during his fourth voyage. This festival draws tourists from across
the country as well as from abroad, as well as a wide variety of merchants
who sell everything from necklaces to doormats.


Limón is served by aerodrome/airfield Aeropuerto Internacional Pablo Zidar, Limón (Limón International Airport), IATA code LIO, an airstrip which is 1,800m long by 30m wide, 2m above sea level, on the coast south of the city.

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